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The Wisconsin Prosperity Project is based on this belief:  When Wisconsin employees are informed and active in government and elections, our families, our communities and our state benefit.

Our objective is to provide employees with materials that explain, in easy to read language and a nonpartisan way, the importance of state and federal elections.  We can provide Wisconsin's workforce with objective information on candidates, statewide ballot issues, and on public policies that affect our job security and the economy - information to consider when you and your family members go to the polls to vote.  Who are your legislators, and how are they performing? 

The Wisconsin Prosperity Project (P2) promotes a pro-growth, pro-jobs issues environment in the state of Wisconsin.  The public officials we elected have an impact on our economy, our competitiveness and our future.  The P2 seeks to provide greater education and awareness about candidates and their positions on the issues that are important to you.

  • Have you heard your energy bills could go up by as much as 95% by this winter?
  • $700 billion health care reform bill, or $1 trillion?
  • Save the secret ballot - Stop the Employee Free Choice Act.

Use the tools on this website to help you stay informed and involved.  Wisconsin's workforce needs to get to work together.  The task of rebuilding America's and Wisconsin's economies takes workplace teamwork!